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Alice P.R.
November 20, 2019

Attn: Mr. Nathan Williams, RN
227 SW 62nd Boulevard
Gainesville, Florida 32607

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am submitting this letter to recognize your outstanding work and response during my Mother’s recent stay at your facility. My Mother was admitted to Palm Garden on October 20, 2019 (Sunday) for rehabilitation (physical & occupational therapy) post-surgery from the Hospital. My Mother’s case was very complicated as she was admitted after a major surgery and several other complicating factors.

During admission, your staff realized the Hospital had mistakenly discharged my Mother with the incorrect date on her order for her pain medication. The Hospitalist had written the order using my Mother’s previous discharge date/order in January 2019. Of course, this invalidated the medication order, especially since this was a controlled substance order. My Mother is an 82 YOA who had just undergone a major surgery and had other complicating issues and her pain level was high at the time of admission. She could not go without pain medication. The staff at Palm Garden attempted to resolve with the Hospital’s on-staff physician, however, he was seeing patients at his practice during the day. I inquired about the Hospital’s responsibility regarding their error to the medication order sent to Palm Garden, etc. and asked why the discharge physician at the Hospital wasn’t sending over a new order? However, the issue had not been resolved by the afternoon of October 21, 2019.

During this time, you entered my Mother’s room to assist for another issue as my Mother had her call light on. You asked if you could assist in any way and I told you the issue regarding the pain medications for my Mother. You quickly began to initiate a resolution and immediately called her doctor, who also happens to be my Mother’s normal geriatric physician. You responded to my Mother and informed you were going to get into your personal car and go get the medication prescription from her doctor before his office closing (it was the end of the day). Of course, we were so relieved! You identified an urgent issue and followed up immediately and resolved it. Think of that! Instead of having an excuse, or, punting the issue forward for someone else to resolve or not, you took responsibility for the issue and simply resolved it. You also continued to resolve issues throughout her stay until her discharge.

You must be recognized for your level of professionalism. Palm Garden is extremely fortunate to have an employee who takes action to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients/residents. We are very thankful for your assistance during my Mother’s recent stay. She is doing well at home now. Again, we want your facility to know about your outstanding performance and the gratitude of our family. My hope is they recognize your efforts.

My former background with the Florida Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance for 17 years as the Statewide Field Operations Manager qualifies me to recognize your excellent performance! Of course, you did not know this, you simply responded to a family in need.

Alice P.R.


I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your fantastic staff for their care of my mother Jean G. in July. She has had several stays Palm Gardens over the years and despite an occasional glitch here or there I have always felt this facility and staff is top-notch. This last stay in particular. The staff was warm, friendly, caring and very professional. I felt a strong culture in the building that superseded previous years. I want to particularly acknowledge Tonya in Social Services and Lynn S. They went above and beyond to be sure we were making the right moves and choices for mom. The PT staff members that worked with mom were outstanding and Emily in the Social Services department was very helpful as well. Though I don’t remember the nursing and CNA staff names, each one that I encountered was polite, professional, and very warm.

I cannot tell you how much it means to family members to know their seniors are being so well cared for. I thank you all profusely and just know that you make a huge impact on patients and their families.

If you ever need a testimonial, I am glad to provide one.

With gratitude,

~ Pamela B. daughter of Jean G.

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Dear Kala, Executive Director, Palm Garden of Gainesville,

Following a 2 week hospitalization at Shands, my mother, Beatrice, recently had a 4-week stay at Palm Garden. Mom had been at Palm Garden in the past, as well as some other facilities. We are glad we chose to have her return to Palm Garden this time.

She was very well cared for, and while she didn’t want to be there, we knew she needed to follow the PT and OT routines if she was ever to get back to her assisted living home. I don’t remember all the names of the team members who worked with her, but three of them certainly stood out: her main nurse Becky, her main PT Susan, and her main OT Peter. While my sister and I have thanked them each personally, I also wanted to let you know how pleased we were to have them as Mom’s caregivers.

I know Mom complained a lot about being away from her home, about doing the PT and OT, but these folks remained positive and encouraging, using the motivation of her being able to go home to get her to do whatever was necessary to reach the benchmarks that would allow her eventual discharge.

I live several hours away from Gainesville. When I called to see how Mom was doing, Becky was always willing to spend time talking to me about what was going on. I know she has multiple patients to care for, but I am so grateful that I was able to get information from the person most involved with her direct care.

Again, these were not the only 3 staff members who gave Mom TLC. Please let the team know how much we appreciate them.

We hope Mom won’t need rehabilitation or skilled nursing care any time soon, but if she does, we will definitely bring her back to Palm Garden.

Thank you,

~ R.D.